Archive: Deploy Office 2013 using App-V 5.0


For those of you looking to deploy Office 2013  as a virtual application, look no further. Here’s your Office 2013 App-V deployment guide:

Here are some of the benefits of testing a new version of Office (or any application, for that matter) as a virtual application:

  • It’s great for trying out new applications without affecting standard applications that are currently installed. Virtual applications run in their own “bubble”, with their own registry and file system. You can literally open the standard application and the virtual application side by side.
  • There’s no added overhead on the user side. To the user, it operates like a completely normal application. They won’t even know it’s virtual.
  • You can easily pull the virtual application if you end up not going with it, or if you’re going to deploy it as a standard application. This is as simple as deleting the deployment in SCCM.